About Us

Your Independent Advisor

At Hahn Capital Management, we are not only a financial adviser, we are a fiduciary. We maintain the highest standards in the industry for acting in our clients' best interest–always.

We aim to maintain a low adviser-to-client ratio. As an organization, we are also committed to a fee-only compensation structure. This means that we neither receive commissions relative to trade transactions or the sale of insurance products.

Big Firm Tech, Small Firm Attention

We are committed to maintain a small-firm feel for our clients, which is what made us successful over many years. Our experts and systems are grouped into smaller, specialized client service units to provide the personable, responsive service for clients for which we are known.

Diversity of Clients

We empower a variety of clients to navigate their financial future and protect what they cherish in all stages of life:

  • We put young, high earners on track to building lasting wealth, coaching them on budgeting and bringing key considerations to the forefront they never would have anticipated on their own.
  • We help wealthy families protect their success, refine their investments, and provide for the people and causes they care about.
  • We simplify the lives of ultra-high net worth families, offering alternative and intelligent solutions to their financial needs.

Whatever a client’s financial needs, Hahn Capital Management provides a comprehensive, best-fit solution.